The Plymouth tube company was founded in 1924 at Plymouth, Michigan, USA.
The company is a producer of stainless steel, carbon and alloy steel tubes as well as shaped bars and pipes. Plymouth has estimated sales of $235 milllion (FY 2005) with 895 employees globally.

Virgo represents Plymouth Tube Company in India mainly for the sale of feedwater heater tubing.

Plymouth was the first manufacturer of stainless steel feedwater heater tubes having started production in 1967.

The company has supplied more than 250 million feet of feedwater heater tubes and 4 million feet of U-tubes to the power generation industry.

Plymouth is the first company to introduce an alternative to Titanium tubes with the invention of Sea-Cure especially designed to prevent corrosion from chlorine hence suitable for sea water applications.

In the power generation and boiler industry Plymouth products include boiler tubing, pressure tubing and feedwater heater tubing which are used in the manufacture of boilers, heat exchangers, feedwater heaters, superheaters, condensers, electrostatic precipitators, water walls, gas and steam turbines etc.

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